Unleash The Fruit Lover In You– Stoop To Frozen Lollies

Summertime heat should never keep you from organising parties at home or spending a few warm moments with your loved ones. There is no denying that during the hot months, open air gatherings  become a little uncomfortable but evening parties do make their way in the Indian Homes. 

However, you can always hold a family get-together or a friendly reunion in your home. One thing that these summertime celebrations must not miss is a refreshing drink that will make your guests feel rejuvenated and cool. After putting in the effort of coming to your house almost overlooking the heat, they deserve nothing short of the best fruit sharbat syrup delights.

One Syrup-Multiple Beverages

Shree Guruji has a wide variety of fruit-flavoured crushes and syrups that are perfect for such rendezvous.  Pour the squash in the right quantity into a glass and add water to turn it into a glass of tasty beverage. Drop a few ice cubes in the glass and serve your guests the ultimate choice during summers. 

The tasteful fruity flavours of these crushes and syrups are sure to bring back the memories of childhood days when everyone craved fruity-flavoured popsicles and ice lollies. In fact, you can also make popsicles and lollies using one of Shree Guruji’s syrups or fruit squashes very much at home.

The preparation is again quite simple. You just have to make a glass of sharbat with these fruit concentrates and pour it in portions in ice candy/kulfi moulds. Let these freeze in the refrigerator  and your luscious ice lollies will be ready. You can also prepare shakes using these Shree Guruji syrups and squashes. 

A Syrup For Every Occasion

Be it an anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday party, Shree Guruji has multiple fruit crush syrups and other varieties for all occasions. If it is a birthday party, you can prepare ice lollies for all the kids which will be an excellent favorite choice for them. 

To make the ice lollies all more interesting, you can try moulds  in different shapes and sizes, even different flavours before freezing. They can pick the ones they like the most and enjoy the fun. 

A glass of an icy slush prepared with strawberry crush, pineapple crush, mango crush, rose, and khus/Chandan syrups would be ideal for sultry summer evenings too. 

No matter if you are looking for the traditional khus flavour that most people like for sharbat or an unconventional Kiwi flavour, Shree Guruji has a wide variety to choose from. 

Check the collection of fruit squashes, crushes, thandai, and more to make your summer events memorable. What you serve your guests after they arrive at your doorstep ignoring the extreme heat of tropical summer casts a lasting good host admiration. 

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