Treating Children This Summer After School With Tangy, Tasteful Sharbats

When summer comes calling, thirst increases. It is the body’s way of saying that it needs more water! While adults may find it easy to remember to drink more water and keep themselves hydrated, the same cannot be said for children. It is a tough matter keeping them hydrated. Look into online sharbat so that your children enjoy drinking fluids all this summer!

Keeping Kids Hydrated: A Priority

The summer months in India are extremely hot and this leaves the body naturally depleted of hydration. It is easy for kids to forget that they need to drink water as they spend their days studying and playing. But as parents, it is time to take action to promote more hydration in them.

With Guruji Sharbat, it is possible to keep your kids hydrated in tasty ways. A dehydrated child can fall sick and be low in energy. They may not be able to keep up with school work. When you don’t want that, you need to take measures to be different. Sharbats are a wonderful way of doing so.

Prepare Cooling Drinks

Always have cooking drinks available for your kids all through the summer months. It does not have to be anything fancy at all! It can simply be keeping cold water bottles in the refrigerator and sharbat prepared at home.

Making a sharbat is really easy and does not have to be time-consuming at all. All you need is a jug of cold water, some Khus sharbat syrup, and powdered sugar. Powder normal store-bought sugar in any blender and you will have powdered sugar that will melt in the water quickly. Put all of these together and you have a jug full of cooling sharbat for everyone to drink and enjoy!

Get in the Flavours

Kids are known for their knack for not doing as they are told. That’s okay but you need to find ways to make them drink more water! That is why adding different flavours to their water and milk is always a great idea. Check out Guruji sharbat’s awesome range of products for inspiration.

When your child is tired of drinking flavourless water every day, give them some flavour-added water and see them sip away.

For younger kids, you can always buy colourful water bottles that can be refilled time and again. A tablespoon of online sharbat syrup and they will start drinking more water every day.

Feel Refreshed and Cool All Summer Long

When your child returns home from school, you make sure to always have food ready. But during the summer, they need more! What about always having a refreshing drink ready? With a Thandai product, adding beautiful dry fruit flavours to their milk will make it all the more tastier and fun! It will keep them refreshed and energised all the time.

Get ready for an array of tasty drinks, sharbats, crushers, and thandai products from Shree Guruji. They are available online and you can get your products delivered to your doorstep. Keeping the kids hydrated has never been this easy and so much fun!

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