This Summer, Plan, Shop & Refresh With Tasteful Lemony Drinks

If you love lemons, then summer is the season to make the most of this zesty fruit. India is known for its love for the humble ‘’nimbu paani’’, with it being sold on almost every street corner, and now at cafes too! But don’t be limited to just that: you can now do a lot more with lemon. Try out Shree Guruji sharbat and syrups in lemon flavours for extraordinary taste and deliciousness!

Beat the Escalating Price of Lemons

It is indeed disheartening to see the exorbitant price of lemons. One would expect them to cost a little less during the summer months, but no. But that should not stop you from enjoying your lemony drinks! Get lemon-flavored sharbat syrup for a world of strong lemony aromas. Use them in many exciting ways. Even if the prices of lemons keep soaring, you can still enjoy the drinks. In fact, you can treat your friends and family to them anytime you want.

Ready-to Serve Lemon Drinks

A quality seller will have some excellent ready-to-serve lemon drinks available. Stock up on a few and never be caught unaware when guests come calling. They will surely fall in love with tangy ready-to-serve drinks in flavours of lemon, ginger, and pudina. Let them enjoy some cooling comfort in the heat of summer!

Make Cocktails and Mocktails

Making your favourite drinks with lemon online sharbat was never this easy! For your cocktails and mocktails, it is advisable to choose only a high-quality brand. Assemble your drinks, make sure to use some garnishing and lots of ice and you are done! Add your choice of alcohol in cocktails for adults and you can make the same for children minus the alcohol. They are going to love the mocktails! Serve with a few finger snacks and you are ready to start a party.

Lemon pairs exceedingly well with alcohol and therefore these sharbats are perfect for making cocktails.

Add Your Own Touch

Don’t limit yourself when you are making a nice drink to enjoy on your own. With lemon-flavoured sharbat syrups, make something that is unique and a lot of fun. You can use lemon syrup with ground-up pudina leaves or some ginger, strain it and use the liquid. Mix it up with lots of sugar, chilled water, and ice cubes for a soothing and cooking drink that is also good for you.

You can also take out a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream, and slather it with a nice lemon online sharbat syrup, sprinkle with some choco chips for a satisfying dessert. The colour and taste of the syrups can make a mundane dish become something to look forward to.

It is certainly a lot of fun to play around with lemony flavours. This summer, beat the heat with sharbats and syrups and create your own unique recipes. Always remember to have fun! At Shree Guruji, get the best quality sharbats and syrups in many flavours delivered to your home. Just place your order online on their website and you will receive your pack of deliciousness!

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