This Monsoons, Build Your Immunity With Tasteful Awla Ginger Squash

Monsoons are undoubtedly a great time to enjoy the floating clouds, incessant rains, and some leisurely days. But, all these come at a price. The chance of catching cold, contracting infections, and feeling feverish increases with the onset of monsoon that inflates humidity. 

This is why consuming healthy food and beverages is critical for keeping the body safeguarded from the multiple infections and pathogens that linger in monsoon air. Squash drinks containing the goodness of fruits can be smart to satiate your taste buds and strengthen your immunity system at the same time. 

Refreshing drinks are always a great way to feel rejuvenated. However, these drinks can also be a generous source of multiple nutrients that can keep the body fortified against infections in the monsoon. 

The amla ginger squash of Shree Guruji is one such alternative that comes with the ability to satiate your taste buds and strengthen your immune system. Here are a few benefits of drinking amla ginger squash drink during the monsoon. 

Amla – A Great Fruit For Immune System Strengthening 

Immunity refers to the capacity of a living being to restrain infections by inflating the amount of WBC in the blood that fights against all harmful pathogens. Amla is rich in Vitamin C which contributes to immune system building and strengthening. 

In winter, the doctor suggests consuming oranges for the same reason. But, in monsoon, the most abundantly available fruit remains amla. Amla has the highest concentration of Vitamin C which helps keep infections away and benefits the body in several other ways.

Besides strengthening the immune system, amla also helps delay the ageing process and keep stress levels controlled. Since the stress levels remain under control, several other health issues that often get aggravated by anxiety remain under check as well. 

Consuming amla also keeps the skin glowing, hair healthy and the gut system clear. However, eating raw amla is a little difficult as it tastes quite astringent. The best way to consume amla remains to opt for amla ginger squash available in Shree Guruji’s collection of fruit squash online

How Ginger Benefits Your Health

Ginger is another beneficial ingredient of amla ginger squash. Besides dulling the harshness of raw amla, it also adds nutritional value to this mixture.  Ginger is anti-inflammatory and helps in strengthening the immune system as well. 

Much like amla, ginger also helps keep anxiety levels and stress levels down. Therefore, when these two ingredients come together, the resulting squash becomes a healthy tonic perfect for all people from 8 to 80.  

If you cannot eat raw amla, try this squash featuring a tantalising taste which will help your body in maintaining a strong immune system. Besides, you can also make lip-smacking drinks with this squash and serve them to your guests as well. 

Shree Guruji is a renowned brand known for its wide collection of healthy and tasty fruit squashes, sharbat, thandai, juices, and more. To make your regular squash drink a source of health and taste at the same time, choose amla ginger squash from Shree Guruji’s collection this monsoon. 

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