“Thandai” is a smart Drink!!!

Apart from Refreshing……..

It Prevents Cancer & Heart diseases.

Twenty first century is the century of smartness. Gadgets we use in our day to day life are getting smarter with each passing day.

Every now and then we receive massages and posts on our smart phones suggesting eating healthy stuff and drinking nutritious beverages only.

We are more focused on our health and fitness. The modern lifestyle has brought several problem as it compels us remain on our toes always. In order to remain energetic, we always look

for instant energizer. Apart from soft drink and juices people consume Nimbu pani, butter milk and shikanji to be refreshed. We forget that is a drink discovered by our forefathers which is more refreshing, more energizing and healthier than the soft drinks, and other summer drinks. It is THANDAI.

Thandai is not only a smart choice for all of us but it is in fact a smart drink!!! It is a smart drink because it’s kid friendly and adult pleasing. It is also budget friendly and loaded with such healthy properties that no other drink in the world can offer. Thandai prevents cancer and heart diseases. Needless to say that it is also a source of instant energy and rejuvenates the consumer.

Why Thandai has savvy healthy properties attached to it……?

We will have to look into the ingredients. It is made of Fennel seeds, pepper corn,

Watermelon seeds , saffron and milk which is used in our traditional drink Thandai.

After years of research scientist have proved that all the said ingredients have amazing ability to not only give us required nutrition but also enables’ us to subside fatal diseases like  cancer, it also

Keeps our heart healthy  too.

Just have a look at the healthy properties presents in Thandai.

1. Fennel Seeds: Posses volatile oils which are known for its anti-oxidants, anti-flatulence and cooling properties.

2. Pepper corn: It contains piperine and mineral like magnesia, Zink, calcium, iron and vitamin ‘A’.

3. Watermelon Seeds: One of the best sources of energy “Protein and iron”.

4. Rose Petals: Good for our digestive system and menstrual irregulation.

5. Almonds: Healthy fats, vitamin E and a known anti-oxidant which prevents cancer.

6. Poppy Seeds: Contain iron, phosphors and fibres. It also contains Thiamine and riboflavin and vitamin B. The presence of linoleic acid protects heart attacks and other heart disorders.

6. Saffron: It has therapeutic applications. It is anti-septic, anti-dispersant, anti-oxidant, digestive and anti convulsant.

7. Milk: It is a complete food. A very good source of calcium and protein. Cold milk is antacid and has a cooling effect on our body.

It is therefore suggested by all the modern day nutritionist and doctors that making a habit of consuming Thandai at least twice a day will keep you healthy, refreshing and smart whole day.

the pioneer of Thandai making “Guruji” was smart enough to know the benefits of its product even 50 years back.

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