Sweet N Sour, Lime N Lemony, Ideal Squash For The Summers

Summer can be a time of enjoyment too if you can take care of your health and shelter yourself from the burning sun. Invite your friends to your place or even join a gathering held at one of your relative’s houses to enjoy a summer evening. 

To make the evening more fun, include a few refreshing lemon drinks to do away with the weariness inflicted by the high heat conditions and primarily protect yourself from heat strokes. While several sharbat varieties can be a perfect fit for such a friendly gathering, a lemon-flavoured one will always top the chart. 

Here come the reasons why a citrus drink will always outshine the rest of the squash varieties in summer. 

Refills the Electrolytes

The summer times always rob your body of essential electrolytes through excessive sweating. As you reach the brink of your energy levels, it becomes necessary to refill the lost salts. Drinking water might fall short of this requirement in extreme heat conditions. 

This is where the citrus-flavoured squash of Shree Guruji Sharbat can help you. These squash varieties come loaded with the goodness of lemon, an essential fruit that replenishes your electrolytes. You instantly feel refreshed and recharged after having a glass of lime and lemony Shree Guruji sharbat

It Feels Refreshing

Lime is always the most refreshing flavour. This is why most houses offer lemonade to the guests as a welcome drink. When it's 40 degree Celsius outside and the sun seems to keep everything ablaze, nothing can match the satisfaction of sipping into a glass of iced lemonade. 

However, you can skip the hassle of squeezing the lemon, picking the seeds, and filtering the extract to get rid of the pulp, by choosing a lemon squash from Shree Guruji’s exhaustive gamut of sharbat syrup

Loaded With Vitamin C

Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C. In summer, the body needs as many nutrients as it can get. Due to constant salt loss, the nutrients get drained quite fast. This is when a glass of lemon sharbat can be a good source of Vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid is one of the primary elements that determine the level of immunity system efficiency. As the nutrients go out of the body almost relentlessly during the summertime, kids, older people in particular feel weary and lethargic almost all the time. 

A glass of lemony sharbat can help them regain their strength. Since these drinks contain a fair share of Vitamin C, drinking a glass every day can help strengthen your immune system. As a result, seasonal infections and diseases can stay miles away from you and your family. 

If you wish to keep the diseases like heat stroke, food poisoning, and diarrhoea far away from your family, you may try Shree Guruji sharbat today. 

Available in a wide variety of flavours, Shree Guruji’s collection of sharbat syrups can be your final destination for any sort of refreshment drink. You will find all the varieties available at a reasonable rate and loaded with nutrients and taste at the same time. 


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