Need of Flavourful Watery Coolants During Summer


When the summer season arrives, you can’t help but feel the urge to consume flavoured cold beverages. When you live in a country like India, you get a diverse range of flavourful watery coolants to choose from. From slushes that come in a variety of flavours to rose sharbat, you can have a variety of exotic drinks during the summer.

Here are three reasons why one needs flavourful watery coolants during summer:

Makes You Feel Refreshed 

The most obvious reason behind consuming flavourful watery coolants during summer is that they make you feel refreshed almost instantly. During the summer season, even if you walk for just about 15-20 minutes on the road, you feel tired. The scorching sun makes you think twice before stepping out of the house.

To rejuvenate yourself, you feel the need to consume the kind of beverage that is cold and flavourful at the same time. Instead of plain water, you will find a lot of people carrying flavoured drinks in a bottle while moving around. Some even put several cubes of ice in the bottle before stepping out so that the beverage remains cool for a long time. 

Pleases the Guests

During the summers, you should be a little more considerate about what you serve your guests. When a guest arrives at your doorstep during the summer season, you will find them sweating profusely and feeling drained out. In such a situation, you should offer them something that offers them some relief.

Serving cool drinks to guests during the summers is a common tradition in most Indian households. Offering them a variety of fancy fruity mocktails is not necessary. Providing them with a glass of lassi with khus rose syrups would be enough to make them happy. This is one season when you need to keep a good stock of flavoured drinks at your home ready to be served to your guests. 

Strengthens Your Immune System

One of the lesser discussed benefits of consuming flavoured drinks is that it contributes towards making your immune system stronger. Unless your immunity system is strong, you cannot expect to have a very productive day. During the summer season, you need the support of your immune system more than ever.

When you have a glass of khus sharbat or some other cold beverage that appeals to your taste buds, you shouldn’t feel surprised to find yourself feeling more energetic. If you consume beverages that have a certain amount of citrus fruit content in them, then you can expect your body to get a good dose of vitamin C. This particular vitamin provides the body with antioxidants and strengthens your immune system. 


When you crave flavoured beverages during the summer, it would be a good idea to opt for something that is truly Indian. If you are confused as to which desi coolant brand to trust, then you should choose Shree Guruji Sharbat. The brand offers a plethora of summer coolants and each of the offerings by the company is of very high quality. 

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