Introduce Fruits Through Drinks To Your Children

One of the common complaints that most parents come up with regarding their children concerns their food habits. Most kids love chocolates, junk food and despise fruits. 

Some children eat a few selected fruits and run away from the rest. While force-feeding is never a good idea, you can make your child fall in love with fruits simply by opting for Shree Guruji’s fruit crushes and squash drinks. Cut and sliced fruits are not quite welcome by the children, hence a better convincing option could be making interesting fruity drinks that can quench their thirst, replenish the fluid balance and also feed them some fruit goodness.

The collection of Shree Guruji crashes remains varied. No matter which fruits your child loves, the crushes and squashes containing unadulterated fruit extracts and pulp will be your child’s new favourite. Here is how you can prepare different beverages using these squashes to add a little dose of colour and taste to your child’s regular diet chart. 

Tasty Fruity Treats for Your Kids

Shree Guruji’s extensive collection of tasty and nutrition-rich fruit crushes and fruit squashes includes the following varieties. 

  • Custard Apple 
  • Mango 
  • Strawberry 
  • Guava 
  • Orange 
  • Litchi 
  • Pineapple 
  • Blueberry 
  • Kiwi 
  • Butterscotch Badam 

Parents can use these crushes/squashes to make tasty treats for their kids.  Prepare ice slushies, colourful mocktails, lip-smacking ice creams, or ice lollies/popsicles. You can even use these flavours as toppings on sweet dishes, biscuits, and fruit salads to make the food items more tempting and nutrition rich for the kids. 

All Fruits - All Seasons

Fruits like mango, and banana remain available in the summer season only. But, when you have a bottle of mango or litchi squash or crush stored in your refrigerator, you can offer your child the goodness of this season-specific fruit throughout the year. Your child can have his favorite fruit drink throughout the year without fuss.

On the other hand, some fruits like kiwi, blueberry, etc., remain difficult to find in the market. Shree Guruji’s crushes and squashes make these available for your kids regardless of the season. Be it a seasonal fruit or a rare one, with Shree Guruji’s crushes and squishes, your kids will never miss out on nutrition. 

Goodness Of Fruits

Consuming fruits regularly is health-wise essential for everyone in general and kids in particular. Here are a few benefits of putting the goodness of fruits on your kid’s plate every day. 

  • Energy: Fruits swell the level of energy in kids. So they stay full of life and active throughout the day regardless of their busy routines. 
  • Gut Health: Fruit extracts keep gut health well maintained. Shree Guruji’s fruit crushes will keep your child’s gut health healthy and efficient. 
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Fruits remain loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that keep your children healthy and strong. 
  • Bone Health: During the formative years, the body needs more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support bone health and growth. Fruits are wholesome nutrition providers and keep bone health perfect. 
  • Healthy Immune System: Fruit consumption strengthens healthy immune systems. 

Explore the collection of Shree Guruji’s squash drinks to fill your little one’s diet basket with taste and nutrition. Check the different varieties of crushes, squashes, sharbat, thandai, and more to keep your kids healthy and fit. all these drinks can be well turned into lollies, frozen popsicles for children or used as desert toppings to enhance flavour and appeal.

Eating fruits every day will help your children fight seasonal infections in a more effective way. You can also serve ice creams or popsicles laden with these crushes and squashes to welcome your guests and kid’s friends at home.  

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