Engaging Children To Make Their Own Flavoured Mocktails

This summer, get your children to do more at home. One way to do that is to make it interesting for them. What about helping them make their own flavoured mocktails? It is as easy as pie with the beautiful range of sharbats from Shree Guruji. Get your child to learn something new and also make their way towards independence by making their own drinks.

Let’s look at how to make that happen.

Buy New Sharbat Drinks for Home

The first thing you must do is buy some high-quality sharbat drinks. Keep them in the refrigerator so they are cool and nice whenever someone wants to make a drink for themselves. There are lots of flavours available, but Rose Sharbat, Badam Kesar, Kesar Pista, and squashes in multiple flavours are the pick of the lot. Have a couple of bottles available so anyone can pick and choose something they want at a particular time.

Get Them Involved

Now it's time to get them in the kitchen and involved with you. Pick a time you know you will be free and ask them what flavours they like among the ones they have available. It is so easy to make a mocktail! For instance, pour a small cup of the best sharbat into a big bowl to make about 2 to 3 glasses. Then add some castor sugar in it for sweetness. Next, it is time to add chilled water. Now mix vigorously and pour it out in glasses. Top with some ice cubes and a few sprigs of mint or oregano. You have yourself a fancy drink that will quench your thirst and make you feel good about yourself.

Do it with your child a couple of times and they will learn to make it on their own!

Try New Recipes

The fun thing about having Kesaria Thandai in your refrigerator at all times is that you can try out new recipes whenever the mood strikes. On a hot summer afternoon, when you have nothing better to do, get your child to help you make a new dish such as kulfi for falooda. This particular flavour goes amazingly well with milk or any milk-based dish. Enjoy quality time with your little one as you try out something new in the kitchen.

Plan a Picnic

The summertime is when schools are off and it is the time for picnics. Take lots of easy-to-make foods and when it comes to drinks, don’t forget the amazing crushers and squashes that can be made in a jiffy! They make picnics a whole lot of fun!

Get Together for a Theme Night with Children

Another way to make the most of the best sharbats is to plan a theme night with children around them. Make slushies together, ice golas, or enjoy dollops of Rose Sharbat syrup on ice creams. It is a night everyone will enjoy!

At Shree Guruji, buy high-quality sharbats and flavoured drinks online. Have your order delivered straight to your doorstep and enjoy a world of convenience.

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